Dear Friends,

Thank you everyone, and thank you Montana!

Five and half years ago we began a long and difficult journey to bring Montana back to a place of prominence in America – a place where Montanans can be assured that their elected leaders will finally put their interests and rights before the often misguided interests of the Federal government – a place where our kids and our grandkids can be assured that they’ll have a first rate education without raising taxes, and better yet, that they’ll have a good paying job in Montana when they graduate – a place where those most vulnerable in our communities are protected from those most likely to harm them – a place where we all enjoy the benefits of our abundant natural resources while never having to sacrifice our State’s beauty, her clean air, and clean water – and a place where our highest elected officials promote government transparency and adhere to the rule of law.

With your consistent support we have accomplished the first critical step in that journey! Together, we’ll work to accomplish our shared vision for our state as we stand up to Federal overreach, as we find new and innovative ways to market and develop Montana’s vast resources, as we give Montanans the tools and resources to protect themselves and fight crime, and as we make Montana’s economy the envy of the world.But let us be clear, the real work begins now, and it will take all of us to get it done. Bringing people together to solve problems and to find consensus is the Montana way, so tomorrow let’s begin to find the things that will unite us in purpose toward a prosperous future for our families. We now know who our elected leaders will be. As your next Attorney General, I will reach out to all those in public office, regardless of political party, and to all those seeking to make Montana great, to ask for their ideas, their energy, and their cooperation. Montana families deserve that kind of strong leadership focused on results for future generations.Now obviously this Victory didn’t happen by chance, and it didn’t happen for the efforts of any one person. I couldn’t have achieved this without many, many important people in my life. Let me first thank God for this opportunity to serve His people. And while I am thanking God, let me also thank Him for my wonderful family – my wife Karen who believes in me, and in all of you, and who loves Montana dearly – thank you Karen for being my best friend, my biggest critic, and the love of my life. Karen and I also thank our beautiful children, Anna, Michael and his wife Katie, Laura, and Caroline. We did this for you, and for all Montana’s children. And we did this for our grandchild, Grace, who makes every day bright. Karen and I dedicate our public service to Grace, and to all of your grandchildren, so they can enjoy the blessings of our Freedoms, and this Last Great Place we call Montana.

I also wish to thank my closest advisors and friends who sacrificed their time, talent, energy, and yes, even their money to achieve this victory – Julie James, Charles Robison, John Barnes, Linda Vaughey, Cory Swanson, Jon Bennion, and the best campaign team a candidate could ask for – 47-North’s Tyler Matthews, Dustin Frost, Jake Eaton and John Weber.

Most of you know that I will be leaving one of the finest law firms in the State of Montana when I take office in January. My law partners at Gough, Shanahan, Johnson & Waterman deserve a special thank you for putting up with my aspirations, not once, but twice. They did the same for our dear departed friend and former Attorney General Joe Mazurek, who was once also a partner in our firm. I am pleased to continue the Gough Shanahan law firm’s tradition of producing public servants, and I hope to do justice to the kind of statesmanship that General Mazurek exhibited in his many years of public service. God bless you Joe. We miss you immensely.

Thank you also to my worthy opponent, Pam Bucy, for running a spirited campaign. I pray that I might be worthy of the trust and respect of those who voted for me, and that I might earn the trust and respect of those who didn’t. Either way, I thank all Montanans for giving me this opportunity to serve them. I promise to work hard, to serve with distinction and character, and to always put Montanans’ interests above all others.

Finally, thanks to all of you. Thank you for your encouragement, your support, your hard work, your money, and most of all, for your prayers. With your consistent devotion to your Faith, your Families, your State and your Country, I know that the future is bright for us, and for generations to come.

May God continue to Bless you, Montana, and the United States of America. Thank you.

Tim Fox

Montana’s Attorney General

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